Re: Hildonized Blackjack Proof of Concept

On Sun, 2008-08-24 at 14:53 +0200, Christian Persch wrote:
> If you move games-preimage.[ch] to the always-built sources, you need to
> make it build on maemo3 (which means #if'ing the cairo inclusion and
> cairo_font_options_t use, probably with #if GTK_CHECK_VERSION (2, 8,
> 0)).
I had a feeling you'd say something like this...;-) I'll revise the
patch to include these checks.
> A few further comments on the patch:
> -#ifdef HAVE_GNOME
> -        g_object_unref (program);
> -#endif
> Why remove this?
This was a leftover from some debugging of various build problems I had.
Thought I caught all of these. :( I'll put it back in promptly. 
>  AC_ARG_ENABLE([scalable],
>    [AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-scalable],[Enable scalable graphics])],
> -  [],[case "$with_platform" in
> -        gnome|gtk-only) enable_scalable=yes ;;
> -        hildon) enable_scalable=no ;;
> -      esac])
> +  [],[enable_scalable=yes])
> This is wrong. If you want scalable on hildon, just pass
> --enable-scalable, don't make everyone build with that (I don't want it
> for aisleriot). need_rsvg might be set wrongly for bj, it seems it has
> svg's that don't have png variants. You either should correct that, or
> optionally convert these to pngs in the packaging and use that... 
Really? I tried passing --enable-scalable to configure and it didn't
work; in any case neither the chips nor the card outlines would render.
Besides, if I read this correctly it seems to say that RSVG should be
disabled for all hildon builds, even if --enable-scalable is passed to
configure. That seems to be commensurate with my experience described
above, so what do I do here? Should I just set enable_scalable to yes if
blackjack is being built on any platform? 

> > I'm also working on making an installable package for it, but being a
> > Debian packaging newbie it seems I've still got a ways to go before I
> > figure it out... ;) 
> You might want to try the packaging from my aisleriot packages (from
> maemo extras repo, only for os2007 though). It needs lots of improvement
> work though to be a 'good' packaging...
Actually, my package is based on your work here. With some minor
modifications to to rules file I was able to build AisleRiot for Diablo
and get it to install on my tablet. And I will say it works very well.
The problem I'm experiencing is that the resultant bj package insists on
having a prerm script that tries to remove gconf schemas that weren't
installed per arguments to configure, and this makes the package
unremovable unless you manually delete the script
from /var/lib/dpkg/info.

I noticed that your package has no such script, but I can't quite figure
out where I'm going wrong with it. The offending script has a note at
the top that says it was automatically added by dh_gconf. But I just
realized that out of stupidity I deleted the debian folder so that I
could start over again, otherwise I'd show it to you to see if you could
spot anything. :( I'll try it again sometime in the next day or so. 
> > I did get a package built, but it doesn't install if
> > you have AisleRiot installed on your tablet, because of the way
> > gnome-games deals with po files. The problem is that we assume that
> > users will always install all of the games as one package, so we just
> > have one big set of po files, which will be provided by the AisleRiot
> > package if you install it. 
> Maybe split that into a gnome-games-i18n package that both the aisleriot
> and bj debs then depend on?
That's fine with me.


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