Re: Hildonized Blackjack Proof of Concept


Le samedi 23 août 2008 à 15:48 -0700, James Liggett a écrit :
> Hi everyone,
> Over the past two weeks I've been experimenting with getting Blackjack
> to work on my Nokia n810. The fruits of my labor can be found in the
> attached patch. For the most part it works pretty well, except that it
> doesn't remember the player's balance (looks like a gconf problem) and
> that the rules selection tree view in the preferences dialog is only
> about 4 pixels high. 
> To get this to work, I had to make a number of modifications to
> Makefiles in Blackjack's source and to libgames-support. You'll notice
> that I redid a lot of Blackjack's to be a little more like
> AisleRiot's. Without these changes, various flags would be repeated when
> given to the compiler, and Blackjack wouldn't build as a result. Also, I
> noticed that in libgames-support's, there are a number of
> files that are excluded from Hildon builds. I was able to enable the
> files needed for Blackjack without any obvious side effects. But I
> wonder if there's a reason these files were excluded in the first place.
> Was it a conscious design decision, or was it just like that to speed up
> building AisleRiot on this platform?  

It was done as to not build code that's unused, yes.

If you move games-preimage.[ch] to the always-built sources, you need to
make it build on maemo3 (which means #if'ing the cairo inclusion and
cairo_font_options_t use, probably with #if GTK_CHECK_VERSION (2, 8,

A few further comments on the patch:

-#ifdef HAVE_GNOME
-        g_object_unref (program);

Why remove this?

   [AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-scalable],[Enable scalable graphics])],
-  [],[case "$with_platform" in
-        gnome|gtk-only) enable_scalable=yes ;;
-        hildon) enable_scalable=no ;;
-      esac])
+  [],[enable_scalable=yes])

This is wrong. If you want scalable on hildon, just pass
--enable-scalable, don't make everyone build with that (I don't want it
for aisleriot). need_rsvg might be set wrongly for bj, it seems it has
svg's that don't have png variants. You either should correct that, or
optionally convert these to pngs in the packaging and use that... 

+      hildon-libs >= $HILDON_LIBS_REQUIRED
+      libxml-2.0 >= $LIBXML_REQUIRED])

Please make a separate need_libxml variable for that (modelled on
need_rsvg for example), and a separate pkgconfig check if it's needed. 

> The attached patch should work against SVN trunk. As of yet I've only
> got it running under Scratchbox using the x86 target with Diablo. I
> tried ARMEL but it only segfaults there. I've had a lot of programs do
> that and then work fine on the actual device so I'm not really
> concerned.
> I'm also working on making an installable package for it, but being a
> Debian packaging newbie it seems I've still got a ways to go before I
> figure it out... ;) 

You might want to try the packaging from my aisleriot packages (from
maemo extras repo, only for os2007 though). It needs lots of improvement
work though to be a 'good' packaging...

> I did get a package built, but it doesn't install if
> you have AisleRiot installed on your tablet, because of the way
> gnome-games deals with po files. The problem is that we assume that
> users will always install all of the games as one package, so we just
> have one big set of po files, which will be provided by the AisleRiot
> package if you install it. 

Maybe split that into a gnome-games-i18n package that both the aisleriot
and bj debs then depend on?


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