gnome-games 2.23.1 released

gnome-games 2.23.1
This is the first development release of the 2.23 series.




  - Merge changes in ggz.m4 from ggz trunk. (Roger Light, Andreas Røsdal, bug
    #520599, bug #510917)
  - define GAMES_STOCK_FULLSCREEN on hildon (Christian Persch)
  - Reorder the -I/path/to in to import GGZ libraries in correct
    order (Andreas Røsdal)
  - Maemo4 fixes (Christian Persch)
  - Merge changes in ggz.m4 from ggz trunk (Robert Light)

  - Add back the statistics fallback (Christian Persch, bug #406267, bug
  - Don't allow moving non-uniformly suited card stacks to foundation (Philippe
    Gauthier, Christian Persch, bug #443307)
  - Make shuffle-deck-helper tail recursive. Fixes stack overflow exception
    with guile 1.8.4. (Vincent Povirk, Christian Persch, bug #519554)
  - Set gtk-enable-accels to TRUE (Christian Persch)
  - Fix the build without ENABLE_KEYNAV (Christian Persch)
  - Use gtk_widget_error_bell on hildon/maemo4. (Christian Persch)
  - Include tablet-browser-interface.h on hildon (Christian Persch)
  - Remove an unnecessary string, and simplify code. (Ed Sirett)
  - Add "Forty Thieves" game. (Ed Sirett / Vincent Povirk)
  - Handle default theme better. (Christian Persch)

  - Abort 3D render if widget_get_gl_context() returns None (Robert Ancell,
    bug #512068)
  - Add Gambit Fruit to AI list (Robert Ancell, bug #521623)
  - Handle AI players dying before the game starts (Robert Ancell, bug #522341)
  - Handle GLError->GLerror, GLUError -> GLUerror objects being renamed in
    PyOpenGL 3.0 (Robert Ancell, bug #503238)
  - Fix board rotation animation bug when viewing black side (Robert Ancell)
  - Check PID returned on SIGCHLD (Robert Ancell)
  - Add missing gettext call for the Application Log viewer. (Jordi Mallach)
  - Handle missing throbber icons (Robert Ancell)
  - Disable room 'new' and 'join' buttons when network protocol is busy
    (Robert Ancell)
  - Import the main module on initialisation not runtime (Robert Ancell)
  - Abort history saving if cannot create history directory (Robert Ancell)

  - Remove Minoru Climb. (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

  - Change title string to be easier to translate (Robert Ancell)

  - Fixed collision detection of worms (Simon McNeilly)
  - Only allow human players to get a high score (Simon McNeilly)
  - Correct respawn direction of worms after death. (Simon McNeilly)
  - Prevent restart of worms after all lives lost (Simon McNeilly)

  - Don't crash when clearing a tracker (Thomas M. Hinkle)
  - Handle when no more puzzles of a certain difficulty exists (Thomas
M. Hinkle)
  - Don't always show the same puzzle until it has been completed or saved
    (Thomas M. Hinkle)
  - Fix crash on cancel in new game dialog (Thomas H.P. Andersen)
  - Fix crash caused by race when creating a directory (Thomas H.P. Andersen)
  - Don't hardcode time formats. (Claude Paroz)

  - bg: Yavor Doganov
  - ca: Jordi Mallach
  - el: Christos Mpountalis, Simos Xenitellis, Stavros Daliakopoulos,
        Kostas Papadimas
  - en_GB: Philip Withnall
  - es: Jorge Gonzalez
  - et: Ivar Smolin
  - lt:  Gintautas Miliauskas
  - nn: Eskild Hustvedt

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