Re: Fwd: MIT OpenCourseWare Permission Request for [6.111 Spring 2006], OCW000007995


Le mardi 08 avril 2008 à 23:18 +0200, Thomas H.P. Andersen a écrit :
>  Please use reference number OCW000007995 in all correspondence. Permission
>  is requested for the following (see attached screenshot file 33003.pdf):
>  Gnometris screenshot
>  in-game screenshot
>  Ref #: 4746-19719-18902-33003

They're asking for a licence to a screenshot they themselves took!?
Apparently they're subscribing to the same weird 'copyright theory' that
wikipedia has wrt. screenshots, claiming them to be under the licence of
the programme? If so, just contacting Marcin wouldn't be enough; you'd
have to get permission from all copyright holders (looking at svn
history, many people have been making commits to gnometris...).


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