Fwd: MIT OpenCourseWare Permission Request for [6.111 Spring 2006], OCW000007995

I tried to reach the copyright holder Marcin at various email
addresses I could find for him. Unfortunately all of them bounced and
there is only two days left to reply in. Does anyone know Marcin's new
email address?

- Thomas

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From: Lindsey Weeramuni <lweera mit edu>
Date: Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 10:17 PM
Subject: MIT OpenCourseWare Permission Request for [6.111 Spring
2006], OCW000007995
To: phomes gmail com

Thomas H.P. Andersen
 phomes gmail com

 Dear Content Owner,

 On behalf of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) OpenCourseWare
 program (OCW), I am writing to ask your permission to use the material
 listed below. We are making this request on behalf of Professor Anantha
 Chandrakasan, in connection with the course entitled, 6.111 Introductory
 Digital Systems Laboratory.

 Please use reference number OCW000007995 in all correspondence. Permission
 is requested for the following (see attached screenshot file 33003.pdf):

 Gnometris screenshot
 in-game screenshot
 Ref #: 4746-19719-18902-33003

 To grant your permission, please approve the attached license (file

 You may print and sign the license and return it to our office; or simply
 reply to this email with the statement:

 "I approve the terms of the MIT OCW IP License and Release Form."

 We would be grateful for a response by: 4/10/2008. If you are the wrong
 person to review this request, we would be grateful for any forwarding
 information you can provide.

 MIT OCW is a web-based electronic publishing initiative described at


 MIT OCW is a free and open publication for students, instructors, and
 self-learners around the globe. We have published over 1800 courses from
 across the Institute, and receive an average of over thirty-five thousand
 visits per day. We have four translation partners, over one hundred and
 twenty mirror sites, and affiliate OCWs in more than a dozen countries as
 part of the Open Courseware movement.

 Use of your content on OCW is governed by a Creative Commons license,
 details of which can be found here:


 If you have any questions please contact me directly at (617) 253-2738.


 Lindsey Weeramuni
 One Broadway
 Eighth Floor
 Cambridge, MA  02142
 Phone   617.253.0266
 FAX     617.253.0955


 Request #: OCW000007995

Attachment: ocw7995.pdf
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Attachment: 33003.pdf
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