Re: Unit test framework for gnome-games?

On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Callum McKenzie wrote:
Another question is what to test. At simplest, you could just add tests
as bugs are found to stop them reappearing later. Writing comprehensive
tests for the "library" routines is also useful: it can find obscure
bugs if you test the functions with extreme and odd values.
Unfortunately this sort of test takes a lot of time to write if you want
any decent sort of coverage. Fortunately coverage doesn't have to be
anywhere near complete for it to be useful.

Someone is working on implementing unit tests for gtk+, which sounds like a good idea (

- The first goal would be adding tests checking known bugs. If you detect a bug and don't want it to be regressed you can add a test to know if it happens again.

- The second goal is trying to run as many code paths as you can, in order to be sure they behave as expected, and don't segfault.

  - Andreas

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