Re: Gnometris

On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, [ISO-8859-1] Andreas Røsdal wrote:

> Subject: Re: Gnometris

> > The best thing is to start on your project, and see how it goes.  By all
> > means ask for feedback and encouragement and the occasional review to keep
> > you on the right track.
> My advice to Keith would be to start improving and building upon
> Gnometris, and don't start your own project from scratch.

I meant to encourage Keith to get started, not to start from scratch and I
did suggest working on existing projects earlier in my message but I guess
I didn't emphasise that point strongly enough.

Callum did say he regretted writing a new Same Gnome.

Havoc Pennington long ago wrote a guide for aspiring developers interested
in Workign on Free Software

It contains the clear warning:
"Don't start by launching your own project."

> Then you already have a working codebase, and can get further much
> faster. A gnome CVS account for you can be arranged if you're
> interested.

Best of luck


Alan Horkan

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