Re: Gnometris

On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, Alan Horkan wrote:
On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, keith preston wrote:

C/C++/ Python? / Mono (ok that may be a little far)

I dont think any of the current games are C++ but I dont think it would be
a big problem if they were.

Gnometris is actually C++.

Gnome at large has adopted Python in a big way, so it is near the top of
the list of choices.  If I recall correctly python is used by Gnome Soduku
one the new games added to Gnome Games.

Both glChess and Gnome Sudoku are written in Python.

Network abilities.

I'm do not think there are high expectations in terms of networking
either.  The name (some acronym) escapes me but there have been efforts to
start using a standard networking framework.

It's called GGZ Gaming Zone, and will be done in version 2.18.0.

There is a problem with removing this: It is one of the most popular
games and tetris is far from "embarassing simple". However, if the
code is unmaintainable, we have an issue.

Our implementation of Tetris is embarassingly simple. If there is a
replacement version of Tetris available, we could consider it for inclusion.

The best thing is to start on your project, and see how it goes.  By all
means ask for feedback and encouragement and the occasional review to keep
you on the right track.

My advice to Keith would be to start improving and building upon Gnometris, and don't start your own project from scratch. Then you already have a working codebase, and can get further much faster.
A gnome CVS account for you can be arranged if you're interested.

 - Andreas

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