About GtkGLExt / glChess

There have been many good suggestions for new games in gnome games so far. One of the games that I like is glChess (http://glchess.sourceforge.net/). It depends upon OpenGl, using the GtkGLExt library. Note that glChess does not require hardware support to be playable with OpenGl, it can also be played with software as well.

OpenGL is perfectly suited for game-development. I would imagine that OpenGl would add the extra graphic-appeal to gnome-games that some people have been missing, and that we possibly could see more games with OpenGl for GNOME in the future. Many Linux distributions already ship with several OpenGl games by default (eg. Neverball and Tux Racer).

How do people feel about adding GtkGLExt as a library dependency on gnome-games, if glChess would be selected as a new game?

- Andreas

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