Re: gnotski Next Previous, Page Up Page Down?

Alan Horkan said:
> How about using Page Up and Page Down to skip to the next game in Gnotski?
> (Could probably also use the gtk-go-forward gtk-go-back icons)

We already do the forward and back icons in CVS, and I like the idea of
using Page Up and Page Down buttons to switch puzzles. This will be a
trivial patch,  so I'll go ahead and do it sometime soon.

I'm also looking at pulling the "Hint" menu item, renaming it, or finding
another way to do it. I used "Hint" in place of "Tell Me The Fewest Number
Of Moves That I Can Solve This Puzzle In." for obvious reasons, but since
it's not really a "hint", it's triggered complaints from our users. Or, at
least, my wife. :)

-Richard Hoelscher

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