Re: gnome-games themes, screenshots

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 02:20 -0500, Shaun McCance wrote:
> I find the parallelogram color very close to the four-pointed star
> color, but I don't complain because they're shapes.  I'm probably not
> the best person to comment on how good colors look.  By the way, I set
> the background color to the widget background color.  I don't even know
> what the default is.
I fully understand why you prefer shapes, I'm wearing laser safety
goggles right now and can't distinguish the yellow and green very well
(not to mention that every shade of red looks the same). My reservations
about making the default are partly aesthetic (this can be fixed of
course) and partly a different perceptual problem: I have more trouble
figuring out how the "balls" line up when using the spiky shapes.

> > > > Mahjongg: With the awesome scaling stuff, default feels pixelated and
> > > > ugly now.  I'm pretty fond of smooth.
> > The default is now an updated version of post-modern.
> Attached is what post-modern looks like on my machine.  I don't know
> what's wrong.
This is probably the bug where configure doesn't demand the latest
version of librsvg. The new theme takes advantage of some new features.

> > > > Gnibbles: Worm colors?

> Well, there's four worm colors.  It doesn't show the actual colors in
> the preferences dialog, and I'm too lazy to play the game long enough to
> get them all to show up.  Of course we should use the default.  I'm just
> mildly concerned about whether the defaults are good for color-blind
> users.
There are actually something like seven possible colours and they are
all different shapes now too. If you want to show off the most options
the way to do it is to start a four player game and take the shot
shortly before all the worms collide.

Are you absolutely sure you are using CVS HEAD ?

 - Callum

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