Re: Solitaire for gnome?

Callum writes:
It is called aisleriot and should be right at the top of the games

Well my first problem was that i didn't have guile installed so aisleriot wasn't getting installed during make install.
It contains a gratuitous number of solitaire games, but the
default is Klondike which is the variation Windows ships with. You can
also run it at the command line using the command sol.

Yeah its not quite the same version as windows. I know you're busy working on mahjong right now (according to your blog:P) but it would be nice to do some ui cleanup here when you get a chance. There is some menu reorganization stuff that could be done, and simply reducing down the number of variations to the more common type (ie those used by windows) might be worth it. Right now, the length of the list makes the pref for "solitaire style" somewhat useless.

I have no idea why it is called AisleRiot.

Yeah "Solitaire" would be a much more useful name, probably just left over cruft from the gnome1 days. Anyway thanks for your quick reply. Gnome-games is looking pretty nice (although I only really play tetris and solitaire[1]). dave [1] As a side note is the name "Tetris" trademarked? If not it might be nice to label the game as "Tetris" in the menus.

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