Re: Solitaire for gnome?

> Yeah its not quite the same version as windows. I know you're busy working 
> on mahjong right now (according to your blog:P) but it would be nice to do 
> some ui cleanup here when you get a chance. There is some menu 
> reorganization stuff that could be done, and simply reducing down the number 
> of variations to the more common type (ie those used by windows) might be 
> worth it. Right now, the length of the list makes the pref for "solitaire 
> style" somewhat useless. 
UI cleanup with AisleRiot is certainly on the list (I have a soft spot for
AisleRiot). I won't reduce the number of games, I know some are virtually
never played, but I don't know which ones they are. I know that my
personal favourites include some fairly obscure variants (has anyone else
played Zebra for any reason other than it is the last item in the list ?).
What I think I will do is include a "recent documents" style list so that
you don't have to spend time hunting through the list for your favourites.
Pre-populating it with Klondike, Spider and Freecell might be a good idea

> Yeah "Solitaire" would be a much more useful name, probably just left over 
> cruft from the gnome1 days. 
The only problem with Solitaire is that it upsets those of us who speak
the Queen's English where the correct word is "Patience" :). (Yes, I do
know about en_GB.)

> [1] As a side note is the name "Tetris" trademarked? If not it might be nice 
> to label the game as "Tetris" in the menus. 
There are various claims about Tetris and "intellectual
property" claims. Tetris is almost certainly trademarked (just like
Othello is). There are also claims that the design of the game is
copyrighted, the details of that claim depend very much on where you are
and local copyright interpretations, but it should be noted that in the
Soviet Union there was no such legal concept. It should be noted that
gnometris isn't an exact clone (count the number of columns).

 - Callum

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