Re: Gataxx

> I think it won't stay with small modifications. Before I start changing 
> anything in the functionality of gataxx, I would like to clean up the 
> code so it is easier to maintain and add new functionality.
We're in a development phase, this means you can do whatever you like to
the code. As long as it's for the better :).

> This merge with iagno, how will this work? Would one have to start iagno 
> --ataxx or something like that? Or do they share files but get compiled 
> as different programs?
It hasn't been planned properly, at the very least it would be some
sharing of the code, but since the structure of the two programs are so
similar it would seem appropriate to have the same drawing and gui code,
including the event code and then have separate functions for the game
logic. Whether it is two separate programs or two modes of the same
program is largely irrelevant, in terms of efficiency it is better to use
the same program, but the gains are small. I'll just assume that you're
going to do radical things to the internals and then once you're finished
look at what can be shared (assuming you haven't done it 
yourself). Everything is fluid, don't feel limited.

> An improvement in the AI probably needs the whole AI code rewritten, but 
Yes, that is definitely true, given the relatively small amount of code it
is far better to just replace it.

> I think I am getting to that after the code cleanup. Furthermore, I 
> would like renaming the levels to "simple", "hard", instead of "level 
> 1", "level 2".
That is a good idea.

 - Callum

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