Re: Gataxx

Callum wrote:

The standard way to submit patches is to either post in bugzilla or to
send them directly to the maintainer (which would be me).
I think it won't stay with small modifications. Before I start changing anything in the functionality of gataxx, I would like to clean up the code so it is easier to maintain and add new functionality.

At the moment I'm not doing any work on gataxx and don't know anyone who
is, but I would like to merge the UI code for gataxx and iagno together at
some point. The other thing that is consistently called for is for an
improvement in the AI.
This merge with iagno, how will this work? Would one have to start iagno --ataxx or something like that? Or do they share files but get compiled as different programs?

An improvement in the AI probably needs the whole AI code rewritten, but I think I am getting to that after the code cleanup. Furthermore, I would like renaming the levels to "simple", "hard", instead of "level 1", "level 2".


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