Re: Gataxx

> I would like to improve gataxx, but I do not really know where to start. 
> Can I just change the files and upload them to CVS? Then I probably need 
> a CVS account. Are there other gataxx developers I have to talk with? 
> Are there any plans for gataxx?
The standard way to submit patches is to either post in bugzilla or to
send them directly to the maintainer (which would be me). Bugzilla is good
for small changes or compact changes, and they don't get lost in my
inbox. However sending them directly to me will get a quicker response and
is what I prefer for more major changes. If they're all right then I'll
put them in CVS for you. Typically GNOME CVS access is not granted until
you've done this for a while to demonstrate your ability and to make sure
that there aren't going to be any conflicts in the the direction the code

At the moment I'm not doing any work on gataxx and don't know anyone who
is, but I would like to merge the UI code for gataxx and iagno together at
some point. The other thing that is consistently called for is for an
improvement in the AI. I was forwarded an email from you describing your
efforts in this area and while I looked at your website, when I tried to
reply to the email a few days later the domain name was having trobule
resolving, unfortunately I never got back to it, sorry.

Any improvement in the AI would be welcome. That part fo the code is quite
modular and so shouldn't conflict with any UI work that occurs. Of course
if there is anything else you want to do fell free (although it is a good
idea to run things past me first so that there are no conflicts).

When submitting patches just remember these things:
 - Use something like "cvs diff" to create the patches against the latest
 - Use ChangeLog entries so that it is clear what has been changed (both
   for now and the future). This also makes sure you are credited
 - Stick to the coding style of the code in question, don't re-indent 
   code you haven't changed. This is so that I can tell what has actually
   changed in a patch and also so that CVS history logs remain useful
   (i.e. they only record "real" changes to the code).

 - Callum

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