Forking Gnome-games 2.2.x freecell?

I'm a lost and sad freecell player, who misses the old freecell.  I
spoke a bit with the Debian maintainers for this package, and they said
to contact upstream directly.

The aisleriot-based Freecell package is missing several features which I
find critical to my enjoyment of the game.  The two important ones that
come to mind are the scoreboard and the logic to allow it to use empty
columns as well as the 4 holder-positions when dragging a column from
one location to the other.

Is this in the roadmap of the 2.4 gnome-games package and/or would
contributions to do this be accepted?  If no, I plan to fork the old
Freecell and package it up for Debian.  (I'll cheerfully maintain it
public if other Freecell-{addicts,junkies,etc.} mention that they're

Jeff Bailey

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