Re: Forking Gnome-games 2.2.x freecell?

> The aisleriot-based Freecell package is missing several features which I
> find critical to my enjoyment of the game.  The two important ones that
> come to mind are the scoreboard and the logic to allow it to use empty
> columns as well as the 4 holder-positions when dragging a column from
> one location to the other.
I am very open to specific suggestions about making aisleriot behave
more like the old freecell. Logic improvements are more likely to
occur before a scoreboard because of a general rewrite of the scoring
code. For best results file explicit suggestions in bugzilla and try
and be clear, I'm not an obsessive freecell player (I'm an obsessive
seahaven player). There are already some in bugzilla, check them

> Is this in the roadmap of the 2.4 gnome-games package and/or would
> contributions to do this be accepted?  If no, I plan to fork the old
> Freecell and package it up for Debian.  (I'll cheerfully maintain it
> public if other Freecell-{addicts,junkies,etc.} mention that they're
> interested.
Feel free to take the old code and give it some care. The main reason
that it was dropped from gnome-games was to make gnome-games more
maintainable (by avoiding duplication). 

Contributions to the aisleriot code-base are of course always welcome.

 - Callum

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