libpanel 1.0.0

About libpanel

libpanel is a collection of GTK widgets for IDE-like applications
targeting GNOME using GTK and libadwaita.


libpanel 1.0

 * Documentation updates
 * Translation updates
 * Various dock improvements to grabs
 * Switch to GBindingGroup
 * PanelSaveChangesDialog implements the new GNOME save workflow
 * PanelPosition has been added
 * Improvements to PanelFrame
 * PanelDockPosition has been renamed to PanelArea
 * PanelDockSwitcher has been renamed to PanelToggleButton
 * Various convenience API additions

This somewhat commits to API stability, but we do expect to iterate
on API/ABI in upcoming releases, and therefore 1.0 ABI may be short
lived so that we are not stuck maintaining it forever.

======== (96.6K)
  sha256sum: b0fa73fcc38539883460064033033bac71b31734b0990205338e5513b9605e6d

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