gnome-text-editor 43.0

About Text Editor

Text Editor is a simple editor for GNOME focused on being a good
general purpose default editor.


This release is a recommended update for distributions.

 • The --version command line option now includes copyright and
   additional version information.
 • Performance improvements to the Open popover list along with
   tooltips to display the full filename.
 • The window title now contains an appropriate tooltip.
 • Path expanding/collapsing is ignored on Windows.
 • Do not do document portal checks
 • Text Editor will always restore session state when enabled,
   fixing some unexpected behavior in previous releases.
 • Reload documents after using "Open as Administrator" using admin://
   GVFS protocol.
 • Appdata updates
 • Translation updates

======== (562K)
  sha256sum: b0fbbfcb17c6abc65dfb1ef5ff2fb1cadc1aa9536cd5e8589814b87e7812aa61

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