nautilus 43.rc

About Nautilus

Default file manager for GNOME


* Resolving regressions from the GTK 3 to 4 switch:
  - Restore accessible labels for view items (Corey Berla)
  - HiDPI icons and thumbnails (António Fernandes)
  - Restore transient location entry behavior (António Fernandes)
  - Restore spacebar shortcut to trigger sushi file previewer (António Fernandes)
  - Restore ability to create new file from dropped text (Corey Berla)
  - Restore ability to duplicate via DND + Ctrl (Corey Berla)
* Drag-and-drop enhancements:
  - Allow dropping files into Starred to star them (Corey Berla)
  - Prevent "open on hover" while moving pointer (Corey Berla, António Fernandes)
* Menu enhancements:
  - Add menu item to remove files from Starred list (Corey Berla)
  - Don't activate menu button when clicking folder name (António Fernandes)
  - Don't offer "Properties" and "Add to Bookmarks" actions when they don't make sense (Eric Daigle, Corey 
Berla, António Fernandes)
* Properties enhancements
  - Wrap long filename words in Properties (anarchistcat)
  - Refine properties for root directory (Corey Berla)
  - Show error state for extensions properties (António Fernandes)
* General enhancements
  - Redesign trash infobar (Ignacy Kuchciński, Sam Hewitt)
  - Add tooltips to every headerbar control (Ronen Margolin)
  - Update and modernize libnautilus-extension documentation (Jan Tojnar)
  - Update appdata screenshots (Christopher Davis)
* Bugfixes
  - Fix various app chooser issues (Corey Berla)
  - Fix various batch rename dialog issues (Corey Berla)
  - Fix Highcontrast styles (Ignacy Kuchciński, António Fernandes)
  - Fix focus misbehaviours in the new views (Corey Berla)
  - Don't show URI escape codes in tooltips (Antonio Teixeira)
  - Show sharing infobar in gnome-user-share's fallback location (Corey Berla)
  - Fix icon size in file conflict dialog (António Fernandes)
  - Fix operations indicator animation (António Fernandes)
  - Mark missing translatable strings (Sabri Ünal)
  - Fix various memory leaks (Ignacy Kuchciński, Corey Berla)
  - Fix compilation errors (Jeremy Bicha, Ondrey Holy, Timo)
* Translation updates (GNOME Translation Project contributors)

======== (3.02M)
  sha256sum: f70fd19bb2745c1afb962795b3154e10a8af6e059a1099dff5ea07a0a36075f7

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