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About mutter

Mutter is a window and compositing manager that displays and manages
your desktop via OpenGL. Mutter combines a sophisticated display
engine using the Clutter toolkit with solid window-management logic
inherited from the Metacity window manager.

While Mutter can be used stand-alone, it is primarily intended to be
used as the display core of a larger system such as GNOME Shell. For
this reason, Mutter is very extensible via plugins, which are used
both to add fancy visual effects and to rework the window management
behaviors to meet the needs of the environment.


* Remember monitor scale when switching configurations [Jonas Å.; !2479]
* Embed wayland output name into screencast streams [Salman; !2540]
* Limit precision of stored refresh rates [Daniel; !2465, !2602]
* Add support for the "max bpc" connector property [Daniel; !2412]
* Fix focus-tracking corner case [Jonas D.; !2329]
* Add detail to ::event signal [Jonas D.; !2431]
* Improve heuristics for adding fallback monitor modes [Mario; !2586]
* Take over color management from gnome-settings-daemon
  [Jonas Å.; !2141, !2164, !2165, !2166, !2568]
* Allow scanout for offscreen rotated views [Robert; !2468]
* Fix hot corner regression on X11 [Jonas Å.; !2604]
* Fix losing IM focus in some circumstances [Carlos; !2585]
* Avoid swapping redundant portions of buffers onscreen [Erico; !2241]
* Animate windows moving between monitors [Alessandro; !2558]
* Make NVIDIA + gbm use atomic mode setting [Jonas Å.; !2578]
* Fixed crashes [Jonas Å., Steev, Carlos, Simon; !2554, !2577, !2592, !2182,
  !2609, !2612]
* Plugged memory leak [Alessandro; !2608]
* Misc. bug fixes and cleanups [Florian, Carlos, Jordan, Simon, Jonas Å.,
  Jonas D., Daniel, Sebastian K., Alberts, Bilal, Dor, Sebastian W.; !2566,
  !2573, !2576, !2534, !2581, !2430, !2561, !2584, !2588, !2551, !2552, !2594,
  !2596, !2598, !2601, !2603, !2589, !2587, !2375, !2486, !2606, !1354, !2605,

  Dor Askayo, Alessandro Bono, Jonas Dreßler, Bilal Elmoussaoui,
  Carlos Garnacho, Sebastian Keller, Steev Klimaszewski, Mario Limonciello,
  Robert Mader, Salman Malik, Simon McVittie, Alberts Muktupāvels,
  Florian Müllner, Erico Nunes, Jordan Petridis, Daniel van Vugt,
  Sebastian Wick, Jonas Ådahl

  Nart Tlisha [ab], Jiri Grönroos [fi], Goran Vidović [hr],
  Yuri Chornoivan [uk], Jordi Mas [ca], Marek Černocký [cs], Balázs Úr [hu],
  Emin Tufan Çetin [tr], Danial Behzadi [fa], Piotr Drąg [pl],
  Rūdolfs Mazurs [lv], Hugo Carvalho [pt], Anders Jonsson [sv],
  Boyuan Yang [zh_CN], Asier Sarasua Garmendia [eu]

======== (2.64M)
  sha256sum: 20b2d8c965ad865aabef1209afc7079ebc50b28b41b8c3c8496f1f49a4c64500

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