evolution 3.44.2

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Manage your email, contacts and schedule


Bug Fixes:
        I#1871 - WebKitEditor: Convert to plain text incorrect on reply/forward open
        I#1886 - itip-formatter: Use whole URL value as a link href
        I#1891 - Fails to build with libgweather 3.36
        I#1895 - Misc: Handle numpad Enter similarly as the Enter key
        I#1896 - Composer: Ensure URL entry is focused in Link Properties
        I#1898 - Better handle Dark Style GNOME 42 setting
        I#1900 - iTIP formatter shows twice "Attendee status updated"
        I#1902 - Tasks: Overdue calculation sometimes incorrect
        I#1904 - CompEditor: Move whole component between calendars
        I#1905 - DUE-today color in Tasks window not always applied
        I#1913 - Calendar: iTip message not sent to a Room address
        ews-I#159 - EMFolderTreeModel: Prefer Inbox over other folder types

        EShell: Auto-close ESource connection alerts on idle
        EContactEditor: Use a GWeakRef on the editor when opening target client
        EWebDAVConfigLookup: Set also authentication method
        EWebKitEditor: Mode change not propagated into the Editor widget
        Tasks: Ensure ICalTime::zone is set for current time
        itip-view: Ignore empty text/plain subpart in meeting invitation mail

https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution/3.44/evolution-3.44.2.tar.xz (12.5M)
  sha256sum: fac706ce7a573f8d967737f15ad0ebeba43a87fe3ca757f8541203d991be0633

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