seahorse 42.0

About seahorse

Seahorse is a graphical interface for managing and using encryption
keys. Currently it supports PGP keys (using GPG/GPGME) and SSH keys.
Its goal is to provide an easy to use Key Management Tool, along with
an easy to use interface for encryption operations.


 * pgp: Fix GPG version check [!197]
 * desktop: Add pgp,gpg to the description [!196]
 * search-provider: Don't escape result description as markup [!194]
 * gkr: Network label fixes [!193]
 * ssh: Fix CPU Usage Spike When Calling ssh-keygen [!136]
 * desktop: Add supported mime types to .desktop file [!189]
 * desktop: Mark application as adaptive [!190]
 * metainfo: Align app name with .desktop name [!186]
 * ui: Opt-in to color scheme user preference [!188]
 * Updated translations

======== (1.33M)
  sha256sum: c50cacebf8de7a7e2e5f1dae0b98232114741296abe8d543e3923d62a153d630

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