gnome-keyring 42.0

About gnome-keyring

gnome-keyring is a program that keep password and other secrets for
users. It is run as a daemon in the session, similar to ssh-agent, and
other applications locate it via an environment variable or a D-Bus.

The program can manage several keyrings, each with its own master
password, and there is also a session keyring which is never stored to
disk, but forgotten when the session ends.

The library libgnome-keyring is used by applications to integrate with
the GNOME keyring system.


 * secret-portal: Properly check the default keyring [!49]
 * Build fixes [!44, !48, !50]
 * ssh-agent: Fix crash by uninitialized GMutex [!45]
 * fix looping off the end of the operations array [#105, !47]
 * readme: Mention libsecret instead of deprecated libgnome-keyring [!37]
 * daemon: Make it systemd-activatable through the control socket [!25]
 * Updated translations

=========  (8.03K)

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  sha256sum: e60291248f9a9a19437227dc5b20e82b79b445364400961393c80563728dbded

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