NetworkManager 1.37.3


* As the insecure WEP encryption for Wi-Fi network is phased out,
  nmcli now discourages its use when activating or modifying a
* Attempt to connect to WEP-encrypted Wi-Fi network will now fail
  gracefully with a recent version of wpa_supplicant when built
  without WEP support.
* NetworkManager will no longer advertise frequencies as supported when
  they're disallowed in configured regulatory domain.
* Fixed a couple of regressions in PPPoE support in NetworkManager-1.36.
* DHCP client behavior is now more robust in misconfigured networks
  where rogue DHCP servers NAK requests that would be serviced by
  legitimate servers.
* Fix connectivity checks in case the check endpoint address resolves to
  multiple addresses.
* Updated translations.

======== (5.16M)
  sha256sum: b06baf781c7ac1223a940df3e46cf04e4602b135fe68abb0c3adda8d04abd6f5

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