atk 2.38.0

About atk

ATK is a library providing interface definitions that are consumed by
toolkits that wish to integrate with the GNOME accessibility


Changes in version 2.38

* Require Meson 0.56.2
* Add g_autoptr support for ATK types
* Add ATK_STATE_COLLAPSED, matching AT-SPI's state
* Improve support for ATK as a Meson subproject
* Ensure that atk_value_get_value_and_text() can deal with NULL out arguments

  Antonio Ospite, Philip Withnall, Colomban Wendling

Translation updates
  Catalan, Galician, Swedish, Belarusian, Persian, Latvian, Spanish
  Indonesian, Icelandic

======== (297K)
  sha256sum: ac4de2a4ef4bd5665052952fe169657e65e895c5057dffb3c2a810f6191a0c36

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