librsvg 2.51.4


- #618 - SVG2: Implement context-fill and context-stroke for markers
  (Madds H).

- #727 - SVG2: Implement paint-order for text elements (Madds H).

- #747 - SVG2: Support width="auto" and height="auto" for the image element.

- Fix the Windows build (Chun-wei Fan).

- The tools/docker directory now has scripts that developers can use
  to test librsvg on containers for various Linux distributions.

- Gtk-rs dependency is updated to 0.14.0 (Bilal Elmoussaoui, Chun-wei Fan).

- #758 - Panic when rendering with masks or opacity to a non-image surface.

- #757 - Fix 32-bit builds.

======== (22.1M)
  sha256sum: 0b87d61de9b973aac1fdb9583368b9a893e67f5f7cb75c3e8f7de142557aca00

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