gnome-software 40.3


Released: 2021-07-09

This is a stable release with the following changes:
 * Fix a bug where app sources appeared in the header of the Updates tab
 * Automatically install application updates, depending on the type of application and user config
 * Avoid extra vertical space in the featured apps carousel
 * Include apps from disabled repos in Shell Overview search results
 * Distinguish between download size and installed size for PackageKit apps
 * Properly update the "Last checked" timestamp on the Updates tab
 * Fix a crash that sometimes happens when clicking on the Website button on a details page
 * Fix a bug where the list of sources for an application was sometimes incomplete

Translation updates:
 * Belarusian

======== (2.96M)
  sha256sum: cb7f536cb09f582c90755c90974f3e83dff9539ea2b7c09689bb4e0ac3ffc85f

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