BuildStream 1.5.0


  o Process options in included files in the context of the project they
    were included from.

    This is technically a breaking change, however it is highly unlikely
    that this will break projects. In some cases projects were working around
    the broken behavior by ensuring matching project option names in junctioned
    projects, and in other cases simply avoiding including files which have
    project option conditional statements.

  o Added errors when trying to load BuildStream 2 projects, recommending to
    install the appropriate BuildStream version for the project.

  o Added errors when loading BuildStream 2 plugins in a BuildStream 1
    project, recommending to use BuildStream 1 plugins with BuildStream 1 projects.

======== (357K)
  sha256sum: 614b82e9c3b6a9e3ca18dce6a19c12f21f2e9dea190273e8208524593b3579a6

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