BuildStream 1.4.3


  o Fix support for conditional list append/prepend in project.conf,
    Merge request !1857

  o Fix internal imports to import from "collections" instead
    of "", this improves support for Python 3.8,
    see issue #831

  o Fix some downloads from by setting custom user agent,
    fixes issue #1285

  o Work around python API break from ostree's repo.remote_gpg_import(),
    this was changed in ostree commit v2019.2-10-gaa5df899, and we now
    have a fallback to support both versions of the API, see merge request !1917.

======== (355K)
  sha256sum: a8d89952d97e78744c42f1577fa06935dc704707e7b391b65d820ef734d17ade

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