epiphany 3.35.3

About Epiphany

A simple web browser based on the popular WebKit rendering engine.


Big stuff:

- View source mode now uses highlight.js syntax highlighting (!506)
- Now displays PDFs with PDF.js (!508)

The usual:

- Add Open Link context menu option for selected text (#349)
- Fix crash when bookmark time is invalid (#454)
- Remove support for external view source (#819)
- Try harder to avoid session data loss (#887)
- Remember page zoom levels during incognito session (#891)
- Always show overview close button (#906)
- Fix middle click on back button when titlebar action is configured (#919)
- Add lockdown setting to disable context menu (#921)
- Disable Send Link context menu option in application mode (#926)
- Reenable on-demand hardware acceleration (#932)
- Fix profile migrator error message (#944)
- Fix localization of reader mode preferences (#994)
- Fix crash on shutdown regression (#1004)
- Redesigned the downloads button (#947, #1005)
- Improve design of web process crash error page (#1013)
- Fix regressions with user style sheet monitor (#1026)
- Major refactor of IPC to web extension (!448)
- Enable process swap on navigation (site isolation) (!448)
- Security popover's per-website adblocker preference now actually works (!471)
- Improve reader mode icon on elementary (!490)
- Fix search provider crash when there are no bookmarks (!510)
- Fix crashes on web app creation dialog and theoretical crashes elsewhere (!511)
- Remove do-not-track setting, obsolete (!514)
- Remove enable-plugins setting (NPAPI plugins), now always off (!514)
- Remove enable-webaudio and enable-webgl settings, now always on (!514)
- Fix issues detected by cppcheck and scan-build
- Disable Search the Web in application mode
- Temporarily disable address bar DNS prefetch due to WebKit crash
- Require libhandy as system dependency

https://download.gnome.org/sources/epiphany/3.35/epiphany-3.35.3.tar.xz (6.53M)
  sha256sum: 8ff075a14b888e7c87c97fe90f4546621f9cce81b72b071ca1ba9102352a1c79

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