About Epiphany

A simple web browser based on the popular WebKit rendering engine.


- Forgot to update version number

3.34.3 - January 3, 2020

- Try harder to avoid session data loss (#887)
- Reenable on-demand hardware acceleration (#932)
- Fix localization of reader mode preferences (#994)
- Security popover's per-website adblocker preference now actually works (!471)
- Fix search provider crash when there are no bookmarks (!510)
- Disable Search the Web in application mode
- Fix crashes on web app creation dialog

https://download.gnome.org/sources/epiphany/3.34/epiphany- (5.05M)
  sha256sum: 00e479fba108f44b1830370780b98116d87fc277eb1a4eed8e229dcdf04aea6d

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