gnome-music 3.33.2

About gnome-music

Music is the new GNOME music playing application.


* Improve Smooth progressbar support
* Improve display of information for songs with no tags
* Select a random song at launch when playing a playlist in shuffle mode
* AppData tags update (initiative #8)
* MPRIS misc cleanups
* Lots of general cleanups

Bugs fixed:
 gnome-music crashes on startup (#105)
 Stop using GtkBox:padding, GtkBox:fill and GtkBox:expand (#215)
 Do not rely on Tracker generated metadata (#223)
 MPRIS2 reports wrong .desktop file name (#263)
 Crash with mouse 'back' button (#265)
 Repeat song not working on Gnome Music 3.32.0 (#266)
 Order of search and select buttons incorrect (#270)
 flatpak nightly: Clicking on MPRIS player launches wrong version (#273)
 Incorrect timeline (progress bar) position for m4a file (#274)
 HeaderBar in selection mode has the search/cancel button order wrong (#275)
 Repeat All Does Not Repeat Single Songs From Search (#278)
 Resuming Playback Actually Restarts Song (#280)

Thanks to our contributors this release:
 Christopher Davis
 Reuben Dsouza

======== (1.33M)
  sha256sum: ba7bd65b3ecbd21a35d81a1c9c30bc4741746ff31dda244caf4727914555aa69

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