gnome-builder 3.30.3

About Builder

Builder is an IDE for writing GNOME-based software. It is currently
under heavy development.


 • Shortcut fixes.
 • Fix for possible heap corruption when unloading pages.
 • Keep "flatpak build" quiet when communicating with gdb.
 • Emit thread-selected when gdb has *stopped event.
 • Gdb plugin now uses --frame and --thread.
 • Fixes for rust hover provider via RLS.
 • Gtk-Sharp template now uses updated SDK extension.

Updated Translations:

  Esperanto, French, Spanish

======== (9.05M)
  sha256sum: 9998f3d41d9526fdbf274cae712fafe7b79d0b9d1dd5739c6c2141e5e5550686

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