accerciser 3.31.4

About Accerciser

Accerciser is an interactive Python accessibility explorer for the
GNOME desktop.

 It uses AT-SPI2 to inspect and control widgets, allowing you to check
if an application is providing correct information to assistive
technologies and automated test frameworks. Accerciser has a simple
plugin framework which you can use to create custom views of
accessibility information.

    You can read more about Accerciser at


What's New
- Updated maintainers info
- Fixed appdata file name
- Fixed duplicate section ID on help
- Marked missing string for translation
- Removed unused images from localized user docs accerciser.png
- Bug776301 - ipython: Update to support IPython version 5
- Python 3.7+ support, async is a keyword
- Replace Bugzilla by Gitlab URL in DOAP file.

Contributors: Jeremy Bicha, Piotr Drąg, Javier Hernández, Miro
Hrončok, Andre Klapper, Kalev Lember, Samuel Thibault

New And Updated Translations
- Belarusian
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Catalan
- Catalan (Valencian)
- Chinese (simplified)
- French
- Greek
- Italian
- Czech
- Danish
- Dutch
- Esperanto
- Friulian
- German
- Hungarian
- Indonesian
- Lithuanian
- Nepali
- Norwegian bokmål
- Polish
- Slovak
- Serbian
- Slovenian
- Spanish
- Turkish
- Swedish

======== (2.94M)
  sha256sum: 4889b5d68cb09f5407c3e293bd1231fbd246633fa4bcd9e3b57b20321160a09f

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