libgxps 0.3.1

About libgxps

XPS Documents library


Bug fixes:

    - Fix font scaling when converting xps to pdf (#1, Ignazio Pillai)
    - Handle errors returned by archive_read_data in GXPSArchive
      (Carlos Garcia Campos)
    - Ensure gxps_archive_read_entry() fills the GError in case of
      failure (Carlos Garcia Campos)
    - Make the pdf generated by xpstopdf to be 96 dpi (Ignacio Casal
    - Fix OUTPUT FILE description in man pages (Jason Crain)
    - Clear the GError before trying to load an image again in
      gxps_images_get_image() (Carlos Garcia Campos)
    - Fix integer overflow in png decoder (Carlos Garcia Campos)

======== (90.9K)
  sha256sum: 1a939fc8fcea9471b7eca46b1ac90cff89a30d26f65c7c9a375a4bf91223fa94

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