gobject-introspection 1.59.2

About GObject Introspection

GObject introspection provides tools and libraries to help manage its
common metadata format for representing GObject-based C APIs, designed
for bindings, documentation tools and API verification.


* Everything included in 1.58.3
* meson: Various fixes and all tests have been ported (0.47+ is required now)
  :mr:`114` :mr:`110` etc.
  (:user:`Tomasz Miąsko <tmiasko>`, :user:`Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi>`,
  :user:`Christoph Reiter <creiter>`)
* scanner: Save preprocessor input and output files with ``save-temps``
  :mr:`107` (:user:`Tomasz Miąsko <tmiasko>`)
* automake: Use the wildcard function where needed
  :mr:`100` (:user:`William Hua <williamhua>`)
* build: extend ``PYTHONPATH`` instead of replacing it :mr:`101`
* gir/cairo: add ``cairo_rectangle_t`` :issue:`74` :mr:`103` (Yeti)
* Add a ``--version`` option to g-ir-compiler and g-ir-generate
  :issue:`55` :mr:`106`
* tests: various test improvements
  :mr:`111` :mr:`117` :mr:`119` (:user:`Tomasz Miąsko <tmiasko>`)
* ccompiler: don't use Python compiler flags
  :issue:`150` :mr:`118` :mr:`120`
  (:user:`Tomasz Miąsko <tmiasko>`, :user:`Christoph Reiter <creiter>`)
* parser: Do not bail out when parsing GIR files without doc positions
  :mr:`121` (:user:`Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi>`)
* gimarshallingtests: Remove declarations of nonexistent functions
  :mr:`123` (:user:`Philip Chimento <ptomato>`)

1.58.3 - 2018-12-30

* docwriter: Support python-markdown 3.x
* scanner:  Define grefcount and gatomicrefcount as aliases to gint
  :issue:`254` (:user:`Tomasz Miąsko <tmiasko>`)
* scanner: make using bool without stdbool include work again
* gir: Update glib annotations for glib 2.58.2

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gobject-introspection/1.59/gobject-introspection-1.59.2.tar.xz (1.22M)
  sha256sum: 643b1b18ec16baf82ce46ad6dd0a0aee18abe667a25997c50070f68f1417daae

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