gjs 1.57.91

About gjs

GNOME JavaScript bindings


- GJS no longer links to libgtk-3. This makes it possible to load the Gtk-4.0
  typelib in GJS and write programs that use GTK 4.

- The heapgraph tool has gained some improvements; it is now possible to print a
  heap graph of multiple targets. You can also mark an object for better
  identification in the heap graph by assigning a magic property: for example,
  myObject.__heapgraph_name = 'Button' will make that object identify itself as
  "Button" in heap graphs.

- Closed bugs and merge requests:
  * Remove usage of Lang in non legacy code [Sonny Piers, !322]
  * GTK4 [Florian Müllner, #99, !328, !330]
  * JS syntax fixes [Marco Trevisan, Philip Chimento, !306, !323]
  * gi: Avoid infinite recursion when converting GValues [Florian Müllner, !329]
  * Implement all GObject-introspection test suites [Philip Chimento, !327,
  * Heapgraph improvements [Philip Chimento, !325]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.57/gjs-1.57.91.tar.xz (619K)
  sha256sum: 5bf32caf351696e5057071098b8319e48d7ff0be9b2f0b6716fbea4082abb70f

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