gnome-games 3.33.91

About Games

Games is a GNOME 3 application to browse your video games library and
to easily pick and play a game from it.


* Manually created savestates can be renamed now

* Nintendo DS screen layout settings are now stored inside savestates
  instead of dconf

* Added shortcuts for saving and loading the game, and for showing savestates

* UI
 - Creating a new savestate briefly flashes the game, similarly to screenshots
 - Creation and deletion of savestate rows is now anumated
 - Added keyboard navigation in the savestates sidebar:
   - Selecting a row immediately previews the savestate
   - Pressing Enter loads the savestate
   - Pressing Delete deletes the savestate
   - Pressing Esc closes the sidebar
 - When opening savestates sidebar, the game view cannot change height anymore
 - Covers and savestate thumbnails aren't blurry on HiDPI anymore
 - Sync fullscreen restore button style with Adwaita, making it smaller and round
 - Preferences window now has a Back button when the window is small

* Fixes
 - Headerbar autohide in fullscreen works properly now
 - Keyboard shortcuts don't depend on keyboard layout anymore
 - Savestate thumbnails now use correct aspect ratio for newly created savestates
 - Creating multiple savestates in one second doesn't result in an error anymore
 - Fixed a few runtime errors when working with savestates
 - Fixed crash when opening multliple Nintendo DS games in a row
 - Savestates created by closing window with savestate sidebar have correct
   thumbnail now
 - New savestate row in savestate sidebar cannot be selected anymore
 - Opening savestate sidebar shifts the game in the correct direction on RTL
 - Game covers have proper colors now instead of being 10% darker

* Various cleanups

* Translation updates

======== (1.79M)
  sha256sum: cc4bded393e59c464c47534fad9e699036e3abf9225da4c67e10978429ded831

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