iagno 3.33.91

About iagno

Dominate the board in a classic version of Reversi


Some more AI things: had to adjust a bit their level,
as they were too hard (!). Other than that, one small
bug fixed, and some translations updated. Looks good!

Translations updated:
  Czech: Marek Černocký
  British English: Bruce Cowan
  Icelandic: Sveinn í Felli
  Indonesian: Kukuh Syafaat
  Romanian: Daniel Șerbănescu
  Swedish: Anders Jonsson

https://download.gnome.org/sources/iagno/3.33/iagno-3.33.91.tar.xz (538K)
  sha256sum: d9b2000483f6ac7d006ff0aceb4391e3009ae3162d69d4206402b0d500ad4e1f

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