gtk-vnc 1.0.0

About gtk-vnc

gtk-vnc is a project providing client side APIs for the RFB protocol /
VNC remote desktop technology.

It is built using coroutines allowing it to be completely asynchronous
while remaining single threaded. It provides two core C libraries,
libgvnc for interacting with the core RFB protocol and libgtk-vnc for
a GTK display widget.

There is a traditional Python binding built on PyGTK, and evolving
support for arbitrary languages via the GObject Introspection system.


 o Autotools build system replaced with meson
 o Support for GTK-2 is dropped. GTK-3 is mandatory
 o Support for libview is dropped in example program
 o Improvements to example demos
 o Use MAP_ANON if MAP_ANONYMOUS doesn't exist to help
   certai macOS versions
 o Fix crash when connection attempt fails early
 o Initialize gcrypt early in auth process
 o Emit vnc-auth-failure signal when SASL auth fals
 o Emit vnc-error signal when authentication fails
 o Fix double free when failing to read certificates
 o Run unit tests in RPM build
 o Modernize RPM spec
 o Fix race condition in unit tests
 o Fix install of missing header for cairo framebuffer
 o Fix typo in gir package name
 o Add missing VncPixelFormat file to git data

=========  (8.03K)

======== (211K)
  sha256sum: a81a1f1a79ad4618027628ffac27d3391524c063d9411c7a36a5ec3380e6c080

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