epiphany 3.31.2

About Epiphany

A simple web browser based on the popular WebKit rendering engine.


- Add preview widgets to file choosers (#552, Que Quotion)
- Fix window height being saved incorrectly (#571, Jonathan Kang)
- Fix crash when right clicking on tab bar (Kieran Elmes)
- Add Close Other Tabs tab bar context menu item (Kieran Elmes)
- Replace Move Tab Left/Right with Close Tabs to Left/Right (Kieran Elmes)
- Fix new tab improperly opened on Ctrl+L
- Fix URL entry accidently loading the wrong page

https://download.gnome.org/sources/epiphany/3.31/epiphany-3.31.2.tar.xz (4.69M)
  sha256sum: 66d6bc919d3196a14c729e86e4e62da5a69b7794856c801ccd0a03cab5cea691

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