bijiben 3.31.2

About Bijiben

GNOME Notes (Bijiben) is a simple application for creating, editing
and viewing notes. Write out notes, every detail matters


* Added compiler option to choose between Tracker service or private store (Isaque Galdino)
* Changed editor toolbar to be always visible (Isaque Galdino)
* Changed menus to popover menus (Isaque Galdino)
* Fixed shell search provider crash (Isaque Galdino)
* Fixed some compilation warnings (Isaque Galdino)

* eo (Carmen Bianca BAKKER)
* ml (Anish Sheela)
* sl (Matej Urbančič)

======== (644K)
  sha256sum: e8d607b532f4abe668be8a380dcf6c0ab5bf0e3c41978e787c0648ca8969ac7c

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