aravis 0.5.10


  * camera: fix for PointGrey cmeras using AcquisitionFrameRateEnabled (Emmanuel)
  * genicam: correctly implement integer mode of IntSwissKnife (Emmanuel)
  * genicam: implementtion of pIndex, ValueIndexed, ValueDefault (Emmanuel)
  * genicam: add Expression and Constant support to Converter and IntConverter (Emmanuel)
  * evaluator: implement ROUND function (Emmanuel)
  * evaluator: fix '~' precedence and associativity (Emmanuel)
  * gigevision: protocol fixes (Emmanuel)
  * gigevision: improve connection stability under high pressure (Michael)
  * gigevision: avoid using the same port twice (Emmanuel)
  * gvdevice: implement packet-resend-ration limit (Emmanuel)
  * usb3vision: transfer size configuration fixes (Konstantin)
  * build: improve OSX and Windows support (Emmanuel)
  * build: improve build outside of source directory (Janito)
  * viewer: improve Pixel format to GstCaps conversion (Emmanuel)
  * viewer: disable gtkglsink for now to avoid a crash when switching views (Emmanuel)
  * QA: extended code coverage (Emmanuel)
  * QA: make travis build on OSX (Emmanuel)

======== (528K)
  sha256sum: ca1938a9ffa572abfd3c135b31bf8f55a762fbec297141d9d3c50799c489d8f6

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