glade 3.20.1

About Glade Interface Designer

User Interface Builder for GTK+ applications


        - Fixed glib g_ptr_array_find() name clash
        - Fixed survey css matching error on CSD
        - Fixed bug #773997 "GLADE 3.20: crash on changing ToolItem type"
        - Fixes bug #765562 "Using Spacebar to change menu selction causes crash"
        - Fixed "format not a string literal" warnings (Bastien Nocera)
        - Fixed bug #765885 "client side decoration, no space to add header bar"
        - Fixed bug #589306 - Clicking in ... swap order of accelerators (Roberto Guido)
        - Fixed bug #761651 "[Wayland] glade previewer is resizing windows until it crashes gnome-shell"

=========  (14.3K)

======== (3.33M)
  sha256sum: 8064676dd46baa7e00c38ec1cc3ddc75c4ef5e714cd9d1491309b4df3e9cb1df

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