retro-gtk 0.13.2

About retro-gtk

retro-gtk is a toolkit allowing to easily write GTK+ 3 based Libretro


* Port the build system to Meson, requiring version 0.43.0 and drop the
* Drop retro_core_remove_controller(), to remove a controller instead
  set it to NULL.
* Make retro_core_poll_controllers(),
  retro_core_get_controller_input_state() and
  retro_core_get_controller_capabilities() private as they are meant to
  be used by the Libretro core and not the end users.
* Add retro_core_set_default_controller() to set controllers to be used
  by default when there is no controller with the requested capability
  in the requested port. Add retro_core_view_set_as_default_controller()
  to easily set the controllers of a RetroCoreView as the default
  controllers of a RetroCore. retro-demo now uses these.
* Add retro_controller_has_capability() to easily check if a controller
  has the given RetroControllerType capability.
* Add RetroInput to encapsulate the inputs used in an input state query.
  It is used in retro_controller_get_input_state() and
* Replace gboolean by bool in get_variable_update() to avoid crashes.
* Add a count enumeration value to RetroControllerType and the various
  controller code enumerations.
* Better check the creation of the PuleAudio sound output to avoid

======== (73.4K)
  sha256sum: 6dc2abc50cfed47b1c8fb52c22f12286834d5ad50929ced2ef05558aa6a2bdc9

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