libmanette 0.1.2


* Build system changes:
 - Change the package name from manette to libmanette.
 - Bump meson to 0.43.0.
 - Enable GObject Introspection.
 - Generate a VAPI file.
* Add manette_device_has_input() to let users check the capabilities of
  a gamepad. If the ManetteDevice has a mapping, it is considered to
  have the inputs defined in the mapping and only these ones, otherwise
  it has the ones returned by libevdev.
* ManetteDevice now has accessors to the user's game controller
  database, allowing to save and remove mappings for the device.
* The mapping manager now tracks the user's game controller database and
  will automatically reload the mappings in case of changes.
  ManetteMonitor tracks these changes to update the devices' mappings
* Add accessors for ManetteEvent's type, time, and the unfiltered or
  unmapped event values. This allows for example to build a mapping for
  any device, whether it is mapped or not.
* Various GTK-Doc fixes.
* Various precondition fixes.

======== (30.8K)
  sha256sum: ec7e415e2f0b899095bc08f1457af531e6f95d4695eeecdadd5570326536b52f

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