gnome-settings-daemon 3.25.2

About gnome-settings-daemon

GNOME Settings Daemon


- Avoid initializing gtk+ on plugins that don't need it
- Avoid loading gtk+ css theme since we don't have UI
- Several correctness fixes pointed by Coverity
- Fix for no plugins getting loaded under GDM
- Mark forgotten strings in gschema files for translation
- Translation updates

- Ignore GPFS and rootfs mounts

- Make calculator key work again
- Fix a few memory leaks
- Changed MediaKeys D-Bus API to match API docs
- Add support for new XF86RFKill keysym
- Show OSD on hardware keyboard brightness changes


======== (1.55M)
  sha256sum: 45f642a4435b3440407dc5bbb06ae51b81d95ac1fa50c58f26dd8146c87a37f8

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