atk 2.25.2

About atk

The interface definitions of accessibility infrastructure


* Bugfixing:
   * Bug 781715: Crash under atk_gobject_accessible_dispose()
* Build (general/autotools):
   * Add ATK_UNAVAILABLE macro
   * Use template files for the ATK enumerations
   * Convert to UTF-8 encoding
   * Include the marshallers header, not the source
   * Add buildir to the docs directories
   * Update deprecation warnings symbols
   * Simplify GObject dependency discovery
* Build (meson):
   * Bug 782871: Add meson build system
   * Dist the Meson files
   * Use the appropriate soversion
   * Use the appropriate GETTEXT_PACKAGE
   * Install atk.h
   * Only depend on generated header
* Build (win32):
   * win32: Fix replacing items in files with UTF-8 content
* Cleaning:
   * Remove
   * Remove uninstalled pkg-config file
   * Remove unused script for bundling ATK on Windows
   * Remove ChangeLog
   * Remove local introspection.m4
* Docs:
   * Modernise the API reference:
      * Use XInclude
      * Stop using SGML mode with XML files
      * Drop version.xml and use the gtk-doc package entities
   * Update the README mentioning Meson, Ninja, and cleaning a little
   * Remove empty overrides file
* Gobject introspection:
   * Mark unbindable functions as 'skip
* Misc:
   * Update git ignore file
* New Relations and Roles:
   * Bug 748384: Add ATK_ROLE_FOOTNOTE
   * Bug 781587: Add error-message, error-for, details and details-for-relation
* Translation support:
   * Update po/Makevars (copyright and bug address)

Emmanuele Bassi, Milan Crha, Joanmarie Diggs, Piotr Drąg, Chun-wei Fan

Yuras Shumovich (be)

======== (691K)
  sha256sum: 75ac1f63e845f895dec8d72d4645ef5f362e32c921cc78987f2f19c2ce212a24

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